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3/2/16 - from codernazari

Q:I am having trouble picking out my clothes in the morning, and it makes me late. I also make the worst style choices! What can I do?

  • A: Here's a common problem that people have! Don't worry, its easy to fix. If you are having problems picking out your clothes, do them at a time when you won't be as rushed. No one wants to walk outside with a bad style choice! One thing that I would recomend is to pick out clothes for the next two days. This can help especially if you check the weather!
  • 3/17/16 - from anonymous

    Q: I want to match my clothes with my shoes, but I only own black white and pink sneakers. How can I match them with a shirt if I don't have the same color?

  • A: Don't worry! If you want to match up shoes and shirts look at our new table on Mixed out Clothes!
  • 4/16/16 - from queenrosez

    What shoes do you recommend more? Converse or Nikes?

  • A: I personally reccomend Converse. This is because of two things. One is comfort, and the other style, and I cannot forget... price!